Query Table Test

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Page for testing and verifying the QueryTableFormatter

Page for verifying the QueryTableFormatter. You may wish to match links and queries to your setup.



{QTable(test,'select * from schedule',,,,,,)}

Empty Table

{QTable(test,'select * from emptytable',,,,,,)}

Illegal word

{QTable(test,'delete * from emptytable',,,,,,)}

Illegal word in table name(ignore,table missing error)

{QTable(test,'select * from emptydeletetable',,,,,,)}


Default style

{QTable(test,'select * from schedule',,,,,,)}

Predefined style: Black and White

{QTable(test,'select * from schedule',,,,'bw','bw','bw')}

Predefined style: Black and Grey

{QTable(test,'select * from schedule',,,,'bg','bg','bg')}

Predefined style: Green and Black

{QTable(test,'select * from schedule',,,,'gb','gb','gb')}

Custom style

{QTable(test,'select * from schedule',,,,'cellspacing="10" style="background-color: #88CC33; color: #000000;"','style="color: #00AAAA;"','style="color: #BBBB00;"')}

Custom heading + headers

{QTable(test,'select * from schedule','My Heading',,'H1,H2,H3,H4',,,)}

Custom heading + headers + order

{QTable(test,'select * from schedule','My Heading','0,3,2,1','H0,H3,H2,H1',,,)}