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6. Community Development Programs

Equipment Maintenance and Operation

Proper Maintenance and Operation of the equipment will ensure that the system provides safe water for the Beneficiary for many years.

The first step in ensuring proper maintenance and operation is construction of a protective enclosure. Plans and specifications for a typical enclosure are included in Appendix 12. Construction of the enclosure has two key purposes as follows:
  1. Community Investment in the Project: Community investment in the project is key to sustainability. While the indigenous groups may have limited resources, they do have some ability to assist in getting the project started. In all development projects the community is required to construct the enclosure for the water system. Because some communities have more resources than others, the Country Program Office may need to help cover the cost of materials for the enclosure. Labor costs, however, should always be covered by the Beneficiary. Investment by the Beneficiary in the enclosure ensures that they are committed to the success of the project. Equipment should not be delivered to the site until the enclosure has been completed and inspected.
  2. Protection of the Equipment: Once constructed, the enclosure will protect the equipment from the environment and vandalism

The second step in ensuring proper Maintenance and Operation is in identifying a competent and reliable operator. Identification and compensation of the operator is the responsibility of the Local Partner. The operator will be responsible for ongoing maintenance, operation, and record keeping for the system. Proper training of the operator in all of these items is critical to the success of the project. Standardized record keeping documents can be found in Appendix 24.

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