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Water For The World

A series of US AID technical notes covering all aspects of rural water supply and sanitation, made available online by Lifewater International.
The Water For The World Technical Notes were published in 1982 by the former Development Information Center of the US Agency for International Development (AID).
Although the original Notes are out of print, they still are very useful to anyone working in the field of rural water supply and sanitation. For this reason, Lifewater International has made all 160 of these Technical Notes available online in Adobe Acrobat "Portable Document Format."
To view, search and print these documents, download the latest version of the FREE Acrobat ReaderTM.
In any citation of these documents, refer to US AID (1982) as the author with this Lifewater International web site as the location where they may be obtained. Kindly direct any inquiries about this this web site to the Lifewater International webmaster, not US AID.

The following credits originally appeared on the back page of each Technical Note:
Technical Notes are part of a set of "Water for the World" materials produced under contract to the U.S. Agency for International Development by National Demonstration Water Project, Institute for Rural Water, and National Environmental Health Association. Artwork was done by Redwing Art Service. Technical Notes are intended to provide assistance to a broad range of people with field responsibility for village water supply and sanitation projects in the developing nations. For more detail on the purpose, organization and suggestions for use of Technical Notes, see the introductory Note in the series, titled "Using 'Water for the World' Technical Notes." Other parts of the "Water for the World" series include a comprehensive Program Manual and several Policy Perspectives. Further information on these materials may be obtained from the Development Information Center, Agency for International Development, Washington, D. C., 20523, USA.

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Top Level Index

I. Surface Water (RWS.1)
II. Ground Water (RWS.2)
III. Water Treatment (RWS.3)
IV. Water Distribution (RWS.4)
V. Water Storage (RWS.5)

I. Simple Excreta and Washwater Disposal (SAN.1)
II. Combined Excreta and Washwater Disposal (SAN.2)
III. Solid Waste Disposal (SAN.3)

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