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Water for the World


I. Surface Water (RWS.1)
  • Methods of Developing Sources of Surface Water (RWS.1.M) PDF/HTML
  • Planning How to Use Sources of Surface Water (RWS.1.P.1) PDF
  • Conducting Sanitary Surveys to Determine Acceptable Surface Water (RWS.1.P.2) PDF
  • Selecting a Source of Surface Water (RWS.1.P.3) PDF
  • Choosing Where to Place Intakes (RWS.1.P.4) PDF
  • Evaluating Rainfall Catchments (RWS.1.P.5) PDF
  • Designing Structures for Springs (RWS.1.D.1) PDF
  • Designing Intakes for Ponds, Lakes and Reservoirs (RWS.1.D.2) PDF
  • Designing Intakes for Streams and Rivers (RWS.1.D.3) PDF
  • Designing Roof Catchments (RWS.1.D.4) PDF
  • Designing Small Dams (RWS.1.D.5) PDF
  • Constructing Structures for Springs (RWS.1.C.1) PDF
  • Constructing Intakes for Ponds, Lakes and Reservoirs (RWS.1.C.2) PDF
  • Constructing Intakes for Streams and Rivers (RWS.1.C.3) PDF
  • Constructing, Operating and Maintaining Roof Catchments (RWS.1.C.4) PDF
  • Constructing Small Dams (RWS.1.C.5) PDF
  • Maintaining Structures for Springs (RWS.1.O.1) PDF
  • Maintaining Intakes (RWS.1.O.2) PDF
  • Maintaining Small Dams (RWS.1.O.5) PDF Surface Water RWS1

II. Ground Water (RWS.2)

III. Water Treatment (RWS.3)

IV. Water Distribution (RWS.4)

V. Water Storage (RWS.5)

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