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The Reporting Database is the way Water Missions International keeps track of its projects world-wide. It tracks the status beginning with the initial assessment all the way until the monitoring and evaluation phase after the system installation.

Video tutorial (part 1, part 2)


The Reporting Database is split into multiple pages, each with their own purpose. The purposes are summarized as follows:

  • Activity report (video tutorial part 1 and part 2 ) - where recent project activity can be viewed                     
  • Potential data quality issues (video tutorial) - where potential data quality issues can be seen
  • Missing quarterly reports (video tutorial) - where the quarterly reports that haven't been submitted are visible (upcoming and past)
  • Projects needing follow-ups (video tutorial) - where the projects that haven't recently been followed-up in can be easily identified
  • Data monitoring summary (video tutorial) - where the summary information for each project's water production can be seen

  • Monthly reports - where a month's activity can be seen
  • Dashboard - where metrics are displayed in charts for a quick trend identification in our country programs
  • Metrics (video tutorial) - where the overall or specific metrics can be seen for our country programs

Groups - where a group of assessments can be created or edited (for example a group of projects that are part of Samaritan's Purse)
  • Proposals - where a proposal for funding can be created or edited

Internal links
  • GPS converter (video tutorial) - where GPS coordinates and addresses can be converted to decimal format and modified
  • View and upload files (video tutorial) - where a project's files and be downloaded and uploaded

Frequently asked questions

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