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Reporting Database Sets of Assessments

Modified on 2011/01/10 10:27 by Ryan Reif Categorized as Reporting Database
In the Sets of Assessments page, you can view the reporting database's assessments in a table form.

Sets of assessments

Here the type of assessments you want to view can be selected. You can view all assessments or just ones that fit into a certain category like installations in progress or systems installed.

Display assessments' columns

If you want more than the default number of columns (ID and name), then you can select the other check boxes to display things like GPS coordinates, notes, priority, etc.

Display approved assessments' columns

Check off the boxes to display more information about approved assessment (systems whose installations are in progress or have been installed).

Show sets of assessments

After you have selected what you would like to view, click on the show sets of assessments and see the list.

Printing the list of assessments

Once the page refreshes and shows all of the assessments you want to see, you can print this list. Alternatively, there is a button at the bottom of the page called Export to Excel, where you can format it to print as well.

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