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Reporting Database FAQ

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What gets entered in RDB?

The Reporting Database tracks the top level information, reports, and follow-ups to an assessment. It does not track inventory or costs associated with a project. Our finanical accounting software keeps track of that.

How should I enter 2 systems installed at one location or the costs associated with it?

Inventory and costs associated with a project are recorded in our finanical accounting software.

I want to delete a project but I can't find a delete button. What should I do?

In the past, projects have been deleted that were thought of as unnecessary. A few months afterwards, we were searching for information about A # XX.XXX.XX and couldn't find any information. Because of the small amount of space that a project takes up and the large numbers of assessments we can have (10 million), instead of deleting them, they are archived. This will allow us to have the history of assessments in case it is ever needed. To archive an assessment, mark it as Not feasible and write why it is not feasible in the assessment notes textbox.

What is the process flow for projects?

Where are all the projects? We have sent out XXX systems! Because of the nature of disaster response installations, documentation is sometimes obmitted in the urgency to provide people with safe water. Therefore, many disaster responses and systems prior to 2005 have not been added. As we become aware of them, they will be added. As a result, the number of systems installed shown by this database does not necessarily reflect the true number.

Since the project number is XX.XXX.XX, have we completed XXXXXXX projects?

The XX.XXX.XX represents an assessment number. These are created for assessments completed and potential assessments that we are working on with our partners. Just because we have an assessment, it doesn't mean the project has been installed. Some assessments are not feasible, which means they will not have a water treatment system installed until it becomes feasible. Additionally, because of human error, sometimes assessments are entered twice or by mistake. Therefore, although the XXXXXXX number gives a general idea of how many assessments have been completed, the most accurate number of assessments can be seen by looking at the Metrics page.

What is a project manager? How is this different than a program manager?

A project manager is the person who is overseeing and coordinating the implementation of a project. This is normally a country director or country coordinator if there is a country program where the project is occurring. A program manager is the primary contact for a country director or a country coordinator, who oversees the country program. If there is not a nearby country program, a program manager may take the responsibilities of a project manager.

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