Household Water Treatment and Storage Systems (HWTS)

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Household Water Treatment and Storage Systems (HWTS)

  1. Overview
  2. Types of HWTS
  3. Guidelines for HWTS
  4. Implementation of HWTS
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Household Drinking Water Treatment and Safe Storage Systems (HWTS) comprise a cluster of innovative technologies that have come into existence since the 1990s. As a part of a class of social technologies to end poverty, these technologies have a number of powerful and appealing characteristics—they are simple, self-reliant, local, user-friendly and low-cost.
Proponents of HWTS systems point to the need for effective technologies for rural, sparsely populated areas and rapidly growing, unplanned, peri-urban areas, which are not well served by large centralized systems.
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Different Types of HWTS


Filtration (Biosand)

Filtration (Ceramic)

Solar Disinfection

Combined Flocculation/Chlorination



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