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Solar Equipment

IO 101 SQFlex Switch Box


IO 100 SQFlex Switch Box
The IO 101 switch box is designed especially for the Grundfos SQ Flex System.  The IO 101 is enables the connection of a generator for back-up in the event of insufficient solar radiation.  The switching between solar and generator must be made manually.  When the generator is stopped manually or runs out of fuel, the IO 101 will automatically switch to solar power if available.

Developed for SQFlex water supply systems, the IO 101 SQFlex switch box makes it possible to:
  • switch off the voltage supply to the pump
  • connect a back-up generator.

Technical data:
  • DC: Max. 225 V, PE.
  • AC: Max. 265 V, 50/60 Hz, PE.
    The internal relay in the IO 101 has the following rated voltage:
  • 115 V –15%/+10%, 50/60 Hz, PE.

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