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Water for the World


Overview of Diseases (DIS.G) PDF/HTML

Water Supply, Sanitation and Disease (DIS.1)
  • Means of Disease Transmission (DIS.1.M.1) PDF
  • Methods of Improving Environmental Health Conditions (DIS.1.M.2) PDF
  • Planning Disease Control Programs (DIS.1.P) PDF

Specific Diseases (DIS.2)
  • Methods of Controlling Schistosomiasis (DIS.2.M.1) PDF
  • Methods of Controlling African Trypanosomiasis (DIS.2.M.2) PDF
  • Methods of Controlling South American Trypanosomiasis (DIS.2.M.3) PDF
  • Methods of Controlling Enteric Diseases (DIS.2.M.4) PDF
  • Methods of Controlling Onchocerciasis (DIS.2.M.5) PDF

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