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Grundfos CRFlex Solar and AC pumps

Grundfos has a surface pump that can run off of AC and DC current. Note: this pump has some limitations compared to the SQFlex line and can only run when the following criteria are met:

  • Minimum DC input voltage in maximum power point 105 V
  • Maximum DC input voltage (open circuit voltage) 415 V
  • Maximum DC input current 5 A
  • Minimum AC input voltage (performance is highly derated) 100 V
  • Maximum AC input voltage 246 V
  • Minimum AC voltage for operation at maximum power 200 V
  • Minimum operating power 70 W
  • Maximum operating power 1300 W

For a complete description, refer to the technical documentation and manual.

Since there is a maximum input current (DC) of 5A, not many solar panels will work with this pump. Connected in series, the solar panels must be over the minimum voltage at the desired head and flow rate (see pump curves ) and under the maximum input current (DC). The panel therefore must have an Isc of 5 A or less. The Grundfos GF 70C and the Solar World SW 80 are two examples of panels that meet this requirement.

Installation instructions

Installation manual

Pressure sensors, run-dry sensors and float switches

Please see this document for the connection options on a CRFlex. When there are not any additional sensors or switches hooked up to the CRFlex, the start wire is necessary.

Operation instructions

  • Instructions for the control panel and the indicators.
  • Description of the motor's error lights when the cover is removed.

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