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Grundfos 11SQF2

Grundfos 11SQF2

Grundfos 11SQF2

Can be directly powered by solar or wind power or can be ru
n on an inverter, a generator, a battery or the utility grid, or any combination of these sources. Virtually any source of power, 30-300 VDC and 90-240 VAC can be used to run the pump.

Technical Specifications
Pump Type: Helical Rotor
Max Head: 300 ft
Max Flow: 11 gal/min
Dimensions LxB: 49" x 3.9" (1,244.6 x 99.1 mm)
Net Weight: 22 lbs. (9.98 kg)

The system components are:
  • SQF submersible pump
  • CU 200 control unit
  • IO 100 and IO 101 switch boxes
  • IO 102 breaker box
  • Energy supply:
    • solar panels


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