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Conductivity Meter

<center>ECTestr Low</center>

ECTestr Low
This test gives a general idea of how many impurities are dissolved in a water sample. (A sample can have a neutral pH and be transparent but still have large amounts of impurities. More specific testing must be done to discover what “stuff” is dissolved in it.) The larger the number, the more impure the water sample.

How to Use:

  1. Remove electrode cap. Switch unit on (ON/OFF key).
  2. Dip electrode into test solution. Make sure sensor is fully covered.
  3. Wait for reading to stabilize (Automatic Temperature Compensation corrects for temperature changes). Note reading.
  4. Press ON/OFF to turn off Tester. Replace electrode cap. Note: Tester automatically shuts off after 8.5 minutes of nonuse.

HOLD function
  • Press HOLD key to freeze display.
  • Press HOLD again to release.


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