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Chlorine Test Strips

<center>SenSafe Free chlorine water check</center>

SenSafe Free chlorine water check
Chlorine in water may be present in two forms, free and total. Free chlorine does the hard work of killing bacteria and oxidizing contaminants. When you add chlorine to water, you are actually adding free chlorine. When the free chlorine combines with contaminants, it becomes combined chlorine, or chloramines. In water, this form of chlorine has very little sanitizing ability, and no oxidizing ability. Total chlorine is just the sum of both combined chlorine and free chlorine. This test is used to determine how much of the chlorine is being used to initially disinfect the water and how much residual chlorine is left. The residual chlorine needs to be in the water to insure no microbes will return before the water is used.

How to Use:

Please check the side of the Bottle for Instructions on how to test the free chlorine using test strips.

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