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Appendix 7

Letter of Donation

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To:    Customs officials of (COUNTRY) and
    Whomsoever Else It May Concern


Water Missions International
2049 Savannah Hwy
Charleston, SC 29407, USA
Tel: 843-769-7395

Re:Donation of Humanitarian Goods

To Whom It May Concern:

Water Missions International provides Humanitarian Aid and assistance through the donation of materials, training, and equipment to organizations in (COUNTRY). Currently, working in partnership with (CONSIGNEE) we are providing donations of XXX water purification systems, XXX shipping containers to be used for storage, and XXXXX. These items are to be administered by (LOCAL WMI REPRESENTATIVE).

This letter certifies that these items, as noted, are all being donated to the people of (COUNTRY) as Humanitarian Aid. The consignee who is responsible for this shipment, as shown above, is (CONSIGNEE).

The contents of this shipment are to be used for humanitarian purposes only. This shipment has a customs value of U.S. $0.00 and is not to be sold, resold or exchanged for profit or gain. There is NO commercial value to this shipment and does not involve any currency of (COUNTRY). The above-mentioned consignee is hereby given permission to administer this shipment, which includes sharing and transferring the assets of this shipment to other relief agencies as appropriate. Again, all of the items are donated CHARITABLE GOODS, they are for HUMANITARIAN PURPOSES, there is NO COMMERCIAL VALUE to the items and all donated goods are being provided at NO COST to the recipient.

Accordingly, we ask that those parties handling the receipt, clearance and forwarding of this shipment process it expeditiously and in good faith so that the humanitarian aid provided through this project will begin having a positive and direct impact to people of (COUNTRY) as soon as possible. Any changes to this statement needed to comply with local rules and regulations may be made if in agreement with and attested by the signature of the consignee. Thank you for your time and assistance.


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