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Appendix 6

Consignee Agreement

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Consignee Agreement
Water Missions International

(CONSIGNEE) is an established nonprofit Christian ministry organization that is dedicated to minister in the country of (COUNTRY).

Water Missions International (WMI) is a nonprofit 501(c) (3) Christian engineering organization headquartered in Charleston, South Carolina, USA, dedicated to providing sustainable water systems for emergency response and community development. WMI’s mission is to provide sustainable access to safe water and an opportunity to hear the "Living Water" message in developing countries and disaster areas. WMI seeks to fulfill this mission by partnering with indigenous organizations which will support the placement and sustainability of these water systems to provide clean, safe water and use the systems as a tool to share the “Living Water” gospel message of Jesus Christ.

It is the understanding of both WMI and (CONSIGNEE) that no single organization, either local or international can meet the challenges of providing clean, safe water and “Living Water” to the 1.1 billion people in need. As members of the Body of Christ, we seek a partnership to form a strong coalition for providing physical water and “Living Water” in the country of (COUNTRY).

The goal of this partnership is to utilize the NGO status of (CONSIGNEE) as a means to import water purification systems, related equipment and supplies to meet the safe water needs of (COUNTRY) and to clear customs in a timely manner and at the lowest possible cost where duty and value-added taxes (VAT) can be avoided. The shipment’s ultimate destination and purpose is to provide safe water and an opportunity to hear the “Living Water” message of Jesus Christ in local communities in (COUNTRY) who will become the Beneficiaries of the systems. These will be accomplished by:
  1. WMI providing (CONSIGNEE) a detailed list of the water purification systems, related equipment and supplies involved in the shipment to (COUNTRY).
  2. (CONSIGNEE) filing with the customs office in (COUNTRY) to permit importation of the shipment duty-free and VAT-free.
  3. WMI and (CONSIGNEE) to jointly arrange the timing and shipping logistics from WMI’s home office in Charleston, SC, USA to their final destination in (COUNTRY).

The following signatures indicate agreement to all the conditions, requirements and terms of this document.


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